Basking Ridge Playgroup

Our neighborhood playgroup is for families with young children
(pre-elementary school) and babies to get together and get to know each
other. Not to mention burning off some of that childhood energy! (If only we
could bottle it!)

Activities include:
Hosted sit-n-play’s at a members homes
Days at the park or pool
Dessert nights for the whole family
Mom’s nights out
Random trips out as they come up (including Happy Hollow, Children’s
Discovery Museum, a day at the beach, etc.)

A calendar is posted at the beginning of each month, with reminders being
sent to the group a day (or 3 days for RSVP items) before each event.

To join, please go to the Playgroup's Mailing List at Yahoo
and click on the join button. Please include the area you live in and the
names and ages of your children.

We look forward to meeting you!


To find out about (or share!) neighborhood happenings, join the low-traffic
Basking Ridge Announcements e-mail list, which brings news
on everything from neighborhood garage sales to holiday celebrations in the park.
If you join just one list, this should be it.

If you have a question or concern to share with neighbors,
please post now on the Basking Ridge Forum.